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Coaching Staff

Coach Daniel Sainz 

Coach Dean Misenhimer

Coach Eric Dupree

Coach Greg Molina

Coach Zach Singer

Coach Scott Rigsby

Our Coaches can only do their best. We view coaching as a formidable responsibility. Coaches will:

  • Get the athletes in shape                  

  • Perform the “behind the scenes work” that will give the athlete's the maximum chance of success

  • Strive to understand each athlete’s potential

  • Work on individual skills for each position      

  • Work on team execution                

  • Teach the athletes the skills needed to safely play football

  • Motivate, Communicate & Lead      

Coaches must have the freedom to develop three things in their athletes: Pride, Poise & Self-Confidence. We use the following steps to instruct the game:

  • Explain what is required of players

  • Demonstrate the technique 

  • Explain the consequences of not performing the technique properly                         

  • Have players perform the technique

  • Execute consequences (if necessary)

If there are any problems with the coaching staff, please contact Coach Daniel Sainz

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